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* The initial treatment includes a confidential free consultation to develop a holistic treatment plan specifically for your individual needs; homecare advice is included to ensure the benefits are prolonged.

Tantric Healing Massage
The meaning of Tantra is too 'weave and expand' and a tantric massage is unlike any other therapy as it connects both the giver and receiver on a journey towards learning to harness the prana life force in the body  through self discovery. This style of massage combines Tao and Tantra methods to provide a unique and highly effective method of accessing and releasing stagnant emotions and trauma from the body harmoniously uniting the mind, body, spirit and sexuality through a loving and sacred touch. Tantra is connected to love and intimacy, not sex and erotica as is often the misconception.

Traditionally other forms of therapy such as talking therapies have provided a form of relief however the difference for many people unless they are highly connected individuals in all aspects of their mind and body is that often when the body does experience trauma the mind and body dissociate therefore the trauma needs to be accessed directly from the body as it is deep within the cellular memory. Surgery is very invasive and the procedure can create additional trauma and complications another option is prescription drugs but they only provide often temporary support therefore not providing a permanent result. During the tantric massage the trauma is literally pulled from the body and once it has been removed full health is restored. 

When we are born we are free of pain and trauma but as we evolve toxins are manifested in the physical body through negative emotions and lifestyle choices. Gradually over time the build up of these toxins create blockages in the organs through sedimentation blocking the capillaries due to toxins and a poor diet. Knots and tangles are also formed due to emotional pain and physical tension held in the body. If the pain is not released the body creates numbness as a protective mechanism, this leads to a reduction in the pain we feel but also a suppression in the chi or life force energy which naturally lays dormant in the body unless we engage in sexual relations. This is more commonly known as body armouring. During the massage deep body work, including work over key pulse points combines with specialized breathing techniques ,sound and body movement to directly access stagnant emotions and disperse them. Trauma is released which has been held in the body since the time of birth as these toxins are released energy channels are opened, the trauma present in pulse points over the organs is cleared and healing can occur.
Following the processing and release of these toxic emotions we are then able to take control of our lives again as our sexual energy the kundalini is activated to rejuvenate our physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. The build up of unresolved trauma over time can lead to serious health issues in the body and mind including  Anxiety ,Depression, Anger, Fear and Guilt. Through this specilaised work these emotions can be accessed and dispersed. 

The genitalia are a part of the holistic body and play a major role in physical, emotional and spiritual health and are therefore naturally included in the massage. It is unfortunate that due to limited beliefs this part of the body is often overlooked and considered 'not appropriate' in a massage. However if you are to consider in a holistic way that the pelvic basin is where the majority of the trauma is stored in men and women you can understand things from a different view point. Our genitalia has the same blood vessels and tissues as the rest of the body and is connected, therefore should not be treated differently. The lingam, prostate and yoni are treated with a great deal of respect and it is through a loving and safe massage that the tension can be released and internal balance restored.
This is a professional healing treatment and has its focus on releasing the body of suppressed trauma and blockages whilst activating the pulse points, through the combination of Tantric massage and Tao methods. It is a very powerful and transformative experience and is recommended for those seeking healing.

If you wish to simply experience the sensual and loving touch of Tantra alone then please visit my specialist Tantric website for further details of treatments available which may be more appropriate for your requirements.

"The 4 hours of my tantric journey was an unforgettable experience into the heart of my soul. It cannot be described in words, you have to experience it for yourself.  Not all angels reside in heaven, some walk the earth, just like Elizabeth"

 3 - 3.5 hours   The standard session £250
 This session consists of a full consultation, connection rituals to prepare the body prior to the massage, with the choice of bodywork through the clothes or with oil massage directly onto the body including lingam and prostate or yoni massage.
This session is ideal if you would like to experience a genuine tantric healing experience but do not have the time for the longer session, feel trauma is present but manageable or as a follow on session after an initial session.
4 - 4.5 hours   The advanced session £300
This session consists of an in depth consultation additional connection rituals, techniques and bodywork to relax the body, with oil massage including lingam and prostate or yoni massage.

This session is ideal for a first session, if you have excessive physical discomfort as deep tissue techniques can be applied to relieve muscular discomfort or for follow on sessions if you feel that you need more time to relax and process trauma as adequate time is then available. It is advised to book for a longer session if you feel you will need extra time as due to other client appointments it is not always possible for me to extend the length of the session on the day.

Please note massage of the genitalia is always optional and not compulsory, written and verbal permission will always be required. As the receiver you will always be in full control of your healing journey.

Please be advised a minimum of 3 hours is generally required to facilitate the healing process in the body, for a shorter treatment please follow the link  to the Hawaiian massage page
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"Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
The most powerful healer of all is Love "

Why do the sessions take so long and what is involved in a typical session?

This style is massage is unlike any other it is a highly effective way to process and remove trauma from the body and as with any form of healing cannot be rushed if it is to work effectively. There are many components which make up a typical session these include:
  • Talking therapy to begin the session to explain the treatment, discuss aims and concerns and allow the client to feel comfortable.
  • Stretching and exercises to prepare the body for healing to occur and open the energy channels.
  • Connection rituals to enable the therapist and client to connect on an emotional level to enable complete relaxation prior to the treatment commencing 
  • Deep body work with oil to release stagnant emotions and trauma.
  • Processing trauma following the session the body needs time to readjust and connect.
  • Aftercare advice

What is the difference between an erotic massage and healing tantric massage?

Although both massages are performed on a naked body the intention and focus are completely different. An erotic massage is often performed by a masseuse with limited knowledge of the human body and whose sole focus is physical pleasure and release for short-term benefits. An authentic tantric massage is performed by an experienced and skilled therapist who places the focus on healing by removing blockages and trauma in the body to provide long term benefits by helping to connect with and harvest our own sexual energy which leads to full body regeneration as new emotions and sensations are explored.

Held within us all is a limitless power, the Kundalini energy that we have suppressed which remains dormant unless engaging in sexual relations. This strong sexual force is capable of healing and balancing our body and mind and during a Tantric massage this life force is harnessed and used to revitalise the whole body. Ejaculation on a regular basis is often discouraged for men as it decreases the life force within the body which can affect his health and wellbeing long term, by learning how to not ejaculate as often the benefits are increased significantly for him as not only will he have improved strength and vitality, but also the added advantage of being able to enjoy full body orgasms which are so much more powerful than just genital ones, therefore opening himself up to a whole new world of added pleasure! The opposite applies for women however, ejaculation is highly beneficial as stagnant emotions previously stored in the fluid contained in the yoni can be released through the process of Amrita.

What are the general benefits of a healing tantric massage?

  • Connect mind, body, spirit and sexuality as one
  • Encourages the release of negative emotions to maintain internal balance
  • Stimulates the life force prana energy to awaken and energise the body
  • Provides healing from sexual dysfunctions encouraging full body orgasms
  • Enhances relationships through a deeper connection
  • Boosts confidence and body image by removing anxiety
  • Opens up possibilities due to expanding consciousness
  • Unites both male and female energies internally
  • Promotes a feeling of equilibrium and calmness

How many sessions am I likely to need and how often can I have them?

It is difficult to assess how many sessions would be needed prior to treatment as everyone is unique and processes trauma in a different way. Many clients report feeling a significant improvement in their well-being in only two sessions but after only one session the results can be felt.

It is advised that you process completely unresolved trauma from the initial treatment before embarking on another. This is because although trauma is released during the treatment in the days following emotions can be released also and it is possible a 'healing crisis' needs to be worked through first. This is formed because in order for the trauma to be released fully the process has to be reversed.

A healing crisis works in the following way:
Trauma is initially formed in a neutral cell which then feels pain due to toxins and emotional pain if ignored the body forms a protective mechanism (known as body armouring) followed by numbness in order to stop feeling the pain. In order to heal the numbness is activated until the pain can be felt, processed  and released. Only then can healing occur when this process is complete.

How are emotions released from the body?

Emotions take many different forms and during plus after the treatment you may experience, trembling, shaking, laughing, crying, anger and feeling vulnerable these are all perfectly normal emotions and are effective indicators that trauma has been released. It is best not to deny these emotions rather accept them, so the body can let go and healing can occur.

How can I prevent further trauma from entering my body once it has been released and what can I do following a treatment?

It is recommended to allow the body to relax in a safe and nurturing environment, avoid toxins such as smoking and alcohol and to follow a mainly alkaline diet when possible as illness often occurs in an acidic environment. It is encouraged that lifestyle choices may need to be reviewed also.Yoga and meditation are highly effective forms to keep the body in balance. Some people find it helpful to keep a journal when processing emotions as it helps with the release process.

I am a little shy or hold deeply religious views does the massage have to be done on a naked body to be effective?

The massage can be done through the clothes and the results are still effective, however in order to achieve maximum results the oil massage is recommended.

My time or budget does not permit me to have a full session will I still benefit?

I appreciate that we live in a busy world and not everyone has the time or financial ability to afford the full treatment. I have accommodated this and therefore shorter treatments are available. Please be advised though that in order to process and access trauma effectively a minimum of 3-4 hours is required as the process takes time in order to reach the depth required for maximum healing to occur

Can a female therapist work on a female client as effectively as a male client?

In order for healing to occur ideally a female therapist should work on a male client with feminine energy to balance the polarities and yin and yang energy,however a female therapist can just as effectively provide healing for a female client by simply activating and working with her masculine energy to balance the polarities meaning both treatments are equally effective.

What is a Lingam, Yoni and Prostrate massage?

The term lingam is an ancient tantric term that is used to describe the penis. In Sanskrit, the word lingam translates to "Shaft of Light" or "Wand of Light."

A lingam massage combines a variety of grips and strokes to release negative emotions and tension. The biggest challenge of a man can be learning to fully relax and receive as the massage can be stimulating in addition to being relaxing. However, the purpose of a lingam massage is not to stimulate a man to ejaculation but to clear blockages and preserve the prana life force present therefore revitalising his entire body. The lingam is also directly connected to the heart so the massage can be arousing but also very soothing and nurturing depending on the emotions felt by the man at the time of the treatment.
The majority of trauma for men is stored in the prostate, therefore through massage and stimulation of the prostate gland in the anus negative emotions which often lead to frustration and a general imbalance in the sexual functioning of the body can be cleared and many men find the massage very pleasurable also.

The vagina is known in Sanskrit as the Yoni which translates to 'a sacred space'. During a tantric massage the vagina is treated with the utmost love and respect and the woman is encouraged to feel pleasure so she can explore her sexuality in a safe and nurturing environment. If she has experienced trauma the yoni can often shut down and cause pain and discomfort. Through this massage trust is rebuilt and the cellular memory reprogrammed and through Amrita and female ejaculation stored trauma and insecurities can be released from the body.

How important is prostate massage?

Many  issues for men are caused by blockage in the prostate caused by poor diet, exercise and stress. This can lead to feelings of frustration leading to anger. It is therefore essential practice for many men to relieve the pressure and release toxins which can if accumulated lead to prostate cancer in some instances.